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The Kent alumni community is a global network of more than 180,000 former students from 189 different countries. You automatically become a member after graduation, but if you sign up with your contact details we can let you know all the latest news from Kent and we can invite you to events taking place near you. You will always be welcome at the University of Kent so please stay in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

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Alumni quotes

We saw so many bands at the university before they were famous playing in the college dining rooms: Everything but the Girl, Marillion, Aswad, Misty in Roots. And every Xmas a glam rock concert in the Sports Hall: Slade (1982) and Sweet, Mud, Rubettes (1983).

Karol Steele Keynes, 1982

Arrived at Kent in August 1965 as one of its first 50 academics. There was a constant excitement of doing things for the first time. From the beginning Kent has always been a friendly place where people have time for each other.

Prof John Todd School of Physical Sciences

Living & studying on campus for a year gives you unlimited memories. I fell in love with Kent campus from the first time I visited! I was lucky enough to live in Tyler Court, falling ever more in love with the view across Canterbury and its Cathedral. I made friends from all over the world, some friends for life! Cooking together, singing towards the classroom, working together, roadtrips... there's no end!

Margaret Mouzaka Rutherford, 1997

A wonderful experience academically & culturally - wonderful environment, great friends from all over the world - I'll never forget the sunrise from the Universiy looking down on the Cathedral.

Alexandros Konstantinidis Rutherford, 1997

I have many memories from my time at UKC (as it was called then!) Firstly those of meeting my future wife outside Keynes College during my MSc course.

William Hargrove Darwin, 1994

Being inspired by great teaching staff who encouraged me to challenge myself and no accept convenional wisdom as fact. Oh, and always getting lost trying to find offices in Rutherford - it was like a rabbit warren!!

Michelle Ulyatt Woolf, 2006

Not only did Kent open me to a whole new world of exciting career opportunities, but that it was the place where I made my best friendships, and specially, where I met my wife. Everyday I think about it, I feel so lucky and grateful of choosing Kent.

Gustavo Mellior Woolf, 2009

Rutherford college, Tyler court, Block A is the BEST! I met some of my best friends here and had some of the most rewarding experiences of my life whilst studying here. I will always highly reccomend such a diverse and well established institution,

Charlotte Rose Rutherford, 2008

Came all the way from Ireland to study here and I don't think I'll ever leave. I love UKC, Canterbury and Kent. The drama staff in the school of arts are phenomenal and will forever be in my heart!

Clare McCullagh Keynes, 2010

Coming to Kent has given me so many amazing opportunities. I remember going to the supreme court and listening to judgements, having dinner with reknowned barristers in Inner Temple and Lincolns Inn and meeting so many beautiful people at UKC!

Rhema King Keynes, 2013

One day at breakfast in Eliot college a friend and I decided to go to France for lunch. In America the notion of leaving the country just for lunch would have been absurd. By 5pm I was back at Kent and working out in the gym.

Len Ferman Eliot, 1983

In my first term at Kent, it was really snowy so we filled our kitchen bins with snow and made an igloo in Parkwood.

Kelyn Luther Keynes, 2010

My favourite memory is graduating at the Cathedral - such a prestigious venue, it was a truly special day & the staff made it even better - ever friendly, dedicated & professional. As a staff member now I look forward to being a part of this special day for future graduates.

Kathyrn Nevett Keynes, 2008

When I came all seemed new, but making friends made things so much easier. Now, I feel part of Kent. People are friendly, and it always gives me a pleasure to come to the University.

Georgiana Trif Woolf, 2013